My Employees Questions (if My Employees module activated)

(Video Tutorial)

The My Employees module can be activated in the Institution Options / Questions by selecting “Employee Module” as the question type.

Employee Question Type

When the Employee Module question type is selected, the following screen will appear:

Employee Question Type Selected

By enabling the Employee Module, the questions for Employee ID and Employee Name(s) are automatically selected and are required.

The available data fields or questions for the My Employees module are:

  1. Employee ID:
  2. Name:
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
  3. Other Names
  4. Email
  5. Phone
    • Phone1 (Home/Cell/Work)
    • Phone 2 ( Home/Cell/Work)
  6. Office Address
  7. Date of Birth
    • Month
    • Day
    • Year
  8. Institution Hire Date
  9. Library Start Date
  10. Library Exit Date
  11. Tenure Status
  12. Tenure/Promotion Department
  13. Tenure Track Start Date
  14. Mandatory Tenure Review Year
  15. Year Granted Tenure
  16. Year of most recent sabbatical
  17. Highest Degree
  18. Mentor Name
  19. Notes

Other than the required Employee ID and Employee Name(s), any of these fields may be used or may remain inactive depending on the institutions preference.  Fields are checked to be included, or can be left unchecked to leave them inactive.  Adding or changing field selections will be implemented when the users clicks the Save button at the bottom of the screen. 

Please note not all of the subfields for topics must be active. For instance, an institution may elect to use Date of Birth to track the birth Month and Day, but elect to not activate the Year.

Please also note that many of these fields may not be applicable to all institutions and that each institution using the fields may define and use these fields in different manners based on the local institution.

Employee Questions

The “Employee Options” can be checked to be included as part of the employee data for each employee.