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Documentation updates are in process, following the name change from ARL PD Bank to RL PD Bank.

User Resources

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Quick Tips


  • Stemming
  • The search engine will also ‘stem’ your search words if you use an asterisk (). EXAMPLE: Searching Exh will return all results with exhibit, exhibits, exhibition, exhibiting, and any others that begin with exh.
  • Phrase Searching
  • By default, entering a phrase will result in that entire phrase being searched.
  • EXAMPLE: Searching for exhibits coordinator searches for that entire phrase within the data or files
  • Capitalization
  • Searches are not capitalization sensitive.
  • EXAMPLE: Searching for EXHIBITS will return the same results as searching for exhibits

Web Browsers, Tabs and New Windows

The RL PD Bank opens new tabs or windows (depending on the set browser preference) for help files and does not rely on pop-up windows.

For users who wish to select new tabs on some occasions and new windows on others, modern browsers allow tabs to be “moved” from within a window with other tabs to a new window. To move a tab into a new window, click and drag the tab down. Doing so will pop the tab out and into a new window. The reverse of this can also be done by clicking and dragging the tab into another window.